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HydraFacial™️ admin July 29, 2021

How can we help you achieve the best skin of your life? With our very own HydraFacial™️….the ULTIMATE facial, combining SIX facials in one… the best facial you will ever have!! Enjoyed by many celebrities and one or our most popular treatments, The HydraFacial™️ delivers long lasting results that you can see and feel. Using patented technology combined with nourishing ingredients it creates an instantly gratifying glow. A medical facial without the pain and downtime, it is suitable for all skin concerns from fine line & wrinkles, tone and vibrancy, elasticity and firmness, sun/brown spots, texture, enlarged pores. and even oily and congested skin. It does this by combining six of the most effective proven different approaches, which could all exist as a stand-alone medical facial, into one treatment process. This includes lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, GlySal™ Peel, extractions, infusion of antioxidants and bathing the skin in LED light.