Skin Boosters

Giving Your Skin a Fresh New Look With Innovative Skin Treatment
Skin Boosters admin July 29, 2021
Skin Boosters are a relatively new approach to nourishing your skin, especially designed to deliver deep-skin hydration.

This means increasing hydration levels within the skin to deliver lasting moisturization and improvements on the skin’s surface, creating a fresh and natural look. By hydrating and the nourishing the skin on a regular basis, collagen production is boosted and  the ageing process is made to slow down. Our preferred choice of skin boosters is Sunekos®

If you’re not a fan of anti-wrinkle treatments or if you want a perfectly natural, youthful look, Sunekos®  may be the option for you! It is a very different type of injectable treatment. Unlike other injectables you might have heard about or tried, Sunekos® is specifically designed to renew your skin cells, so not only does it dramatically reduce signs of ageing, but the results look completely natural, and your skin is left looking smooth, hydrated, and glowing. The treatment is extremely versatile, and can help with wrinkles and fine lines, loss of skin tone, acne scarring, sun damage, and baggy eyes. It can be used on your face, neck, hands, arms, inner thighs, and knees.